Uros Dojcinovic: Romance and Song on Traditional Themes

for two guitars. Edited by James Bogle

4+2 pp. $5.95. Presser Order number 494-02420 (EICM-34a)

uroscov.jpgThis diptych is a paraphrase on two well-known Serbian folk songs belonging to the urban tradition. Many songs belonging to this genre were composed at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries and were meant to be performed by a singer and accompanied by plucked-string instruments of the “tambur” family. Many of the composers are unknown today and the music was passed down through oral tradition.

The “Romance” is a love song with wonderful words about white roses, tender roses and it comes from the northern part of Vojvodina and is influenced by Hungarian romantic music. Many published songbooks include this song as a traditional anonymous romance. The “Song” is also a kind of love song but is faster and has a more dance-like character. This theme comes from the south and probably has a Greek influence. Some of these very touching melodies are little masterpieces of the genre. The work was first performed by Milena and Valentin Valtchev at the guitar festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1995. .

uros.jpgUros Dojcinovic was born in Belgrade in 1959. He studied classic guitar in Belgrade, eventually graduating from the Zagreb Academy of Music, and continued with post-graduate work in musicology at the University of Belgrade. An active performer and composer Dojdinovic won many national awards in Yugoslavia. He is the founder and director of two guitar festivals in Jugoslavia, and currently teaches at the music Conservatory in Belgrade.

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