Guitar Trios

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494-02136 (EICM-13)


Alexander Radvilovich (b. 1955)Time and Again Stories For 3 guitars and narrator. Based on childrens stories by Donald Bisset. Edited by Ilya Permiakov. Alexander Radvilovich is a prolific composer, as well as an indefatigable activist in the promotion of new music by young composers. He has written, among other works, two symphonies, works for choral ensembles, piano sonatas, a chamber concerto for harpsichord and string orchestra, a concerto for English horn and string orchestra, an Aria for trumpet and organ, and several song cycles. 16+6+6+6 pp. Press Reviews. $16.95
494-02137 (EICM-15)


Igor Rogaliov (b. 1948) Times of the Miraculous for 3 guitars. Edited by Ilya Permiakov. The composer describes the matter of this music as follows: . . . In the life of any person there comes the Time of the Miraculous. Particularly when one is in a bad mood. And then, suddenly, the old cuckoo clock becomes animated, the Clay cowboy enters into worldly discussions with the Gloomy stork, the flowers on the window sill begin to jangle under the palpations of sunbeams, and one begins to resemble a mechanical toy, wound by someone else . . . 12+4+4+4 pp. Press Reviews. $12.95



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