Konstantin Vassiliev: Sonata

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TCover art by Matanya Ophee. Used by permission.he composer says: The Sonata for guitar is dedicated to the Ukrainian guitarist Roman Viazovskiy who contributed a great deal to bringing it to completion. The work expresses the difficult contradictions in the internal world of the person, full of contrasting feelings and emotions, its irresolute misdirection, its sadness and joy, anxiety and tranquility. In correlation to these ideas, the contemplation of the classical three movement structure of the sonata form, where a great variety of shades are all related to one paramount idea, creates a unity of form.

kostantine_vassiliev.jpg (6157 bytes)Konstantin Vassiliev was born in Novoaltaisk, Russia, in 1970. He studied the guitar at the Novosibirsk Conservatory with Arkadii Burkhanov and composition with Sergei Tossin. On graduating from the Conservatory, he moved to Germany where he continued his guitar studies with Reinbert Evers at the Hochschule für Musik Detmold, Münster, and composition with Dr. Georg Haidu. In 1991 Vassiliev organized a chamber ensemble made of a combination of traditional European and Russian folk instruments. He now writes for this ensemble many original compositions and arrangements of folk music. The melodic and harmonic attributes of Russian music have an important meaning in his compositions.

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