Nikita Koshkin: Da Capo, 24 Easy Pieces
for solo guitar.

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koshcov.jpg - 10961 BytesNikita Koshkin was born in 1956 in Moscow. He studied the classical guitar with Georgi Emanov at the Moscow College of Music and later with Alexander Frauchi at the Gnessin Institute. He studied composition there with Victor Egorov. Music by Nikita Koshkin entered the world’s stage with the first performance of the “Prince’s Toys” suite by Vladimir Mikulka in Paris in 1980. It attracted the attention of audiences and critics almost instantaneously. The list of Koshkin’s compositions for the solo guitar and for the guitar with other instruments (double bass, violin, flute, etc) is extensive and now forms part of the concert repertoire of many important concert guitarists such as John Williams, Vladimir Mikulka, Ricardo Cobo, María Isabel Sievers, Elena Papandreou and many other. Koshkin also had written several guitar duos and trios, a guitar quartet and a suite for mezzo soprano and guitar, works that have been performed to great acclaim by leading ensembles such as the the Assad brothers and the Zagreb and Amsterdam guitar trios.
Koshkin’s music is deeply dramatic and at the same time witty and playful, forceful and imaginative. Numerous extra-musical references to legends, fairy tales and literary figures, as well as musical forms of other cultures, innovative sound effects, and patterns of popular music, give rise to a rich texture full of surprises. In addition, Koshkin offers the distinctive Russian blend of romantic fervor, passionate feeling and verve and melancholy that, even more than his exquisite craftsmanship, accounts for the appeal of his compositions to audiences everywhere. koshkin.jpg (6157 bytes) An active concert artist himself, Koshkin has toured in Russia, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the United States. He recorded his first CD in 1997, “The Prince's Toy’s—Koshkin Plays Koshkin” and, in collaboration with American guitarist Frank Koonce, he returned to the United States to make a second album entitled “The Well-Tempered Koshkin” and to tour in 1999-2000. Mr. Koshkin lives in Moscow where he divides his time between composing, performing and teaching. 

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