Roland Dyens: Deux Hommages a Marcel Dadi
I. Notes Indiscrètes; II. Tristmusette.
for solo guitar.

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These two pieces were composed after the death of the guitarist Marcel Dadi who was on board the Boeing which exploded on July 16, 1996. Notes Indiscrètes is a sort of a tongue-in-cheek version of a theme by Marcel Dadi (Nous Trois). Tristemusette was written some days following the tragic accident, when the composer was still in a state of shock. Such circumstances, one might have thought, would have given birth to lugubrious and doleful music. But this was not to be. A musical form much loved by Marcel unconsciously took shape, the valse, half-musette, half-Venezuelan, somewhere between Paris and Caracas.

dyens.jpg (6157 bytes)Born on October 19, 1955, Roland Dyens started studying the guitar at the age of 9. At 14, he joined the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, in the class of the Spanish master Alberto Ponce and graduted with high honors in 1976. Roland Dyens is a performer, arranger, improviser and composer, simultaneously carrying on the double career of Professor and concert artist. As a composer he wrote several works for guitar solo, 2 octets, a concerto for guitar and string orchestra (Concerto Métis), a concerto for guitar and ensemble of 21 guitars (Concerto en Si) as well as a guitar duo, Coté Nord, which he played with Alberto Ponce in 1993 and which is brilliantly and successfully performed by the famous Assad duo, to whom he dedicated this work. His arrangements raise unanimous enthusiasm and shed new light on the possibilities of the guitar (French songs, Round Midnight, Berimbau, Bachianas Brasilieras Nº 5. etc.). Because of his unique talent and the originality of his music, Roland Dyens is one of the most innovative and complete musicians of his generation.

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