Wolfgang Lendle: Carmen Fantasy (After Georges Bizet)
for solo guitar.

16 pp., $9.95, Presser Order number 494-02379 (PWYS-47)

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And is here a recording by the composer of the Entr'acte.

MP3 format, 2.47MB, 2:42 duration.
This recording is from Wolfgang Lendle’s Carmen Fantasy CD.
Produced by Acoustic Music Records, Germany, order No. 319.1282.242. Used by permission.

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This Fantasy for solo guitar on themes from Bizet’s opera Carmen follows a long tradition of original compositions for different instrumentations by many composers from Sarasate to Shchedrin. The work is not a mere transcription in the sense of reducing a full operatic score to a one line guitar version. It is rather an arrangement in the Lisztian sense, taking into account not only the instrumental characteristics of the target instrument, the guitar, but also exploiting these possibilities to underline musical ideas, especially by using the sonoral effects to make the guitar sound like a small orchestra, thus assuming the nature of an original composition.

lendle.jpg (6157 bytes)For many years now, Wolfgang Lendle has been one of the most interesting personalities in the international guitar scene. A common theme in press reviews of his concerts is that he exhibits “a very personal style of performing and always presents an interesting choice of programs, thus making any of his concerts a special event . . .” Critics often praise his musical intelligence and the liveliness of his playing as well as his breathtaking virtuosity.  Besides his activity as a performer, Lendle is also active as a composer and arranger. Thus he continues a long and cherished musical tradition.

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