Mark Delpriora: Tango Caffé Carciofo 
for solo guitar.

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Cover Art by Ivana Barazi, Brno, Czech Republic. Used by Permission.The composer says: Some time ago, while I was playing guitar at a cafe in Brooklyn, New York, there was a regular patron: an unusual woman of uncertain age who would dine there each week. She came at the same time, sat at the same table and she usually wore a fanciful hat during the entire course of her meal. That hat recalled to me the shape of an artichoke. This woman was an ardent fan of tango music and she would often interrupt my performance of the usual standard classic guitar music with a request for a tango.  Because she was so enthusiastic and I wanted to please her, I set about to learn a few tangos by a variety of composers. Some evenings, she became so excited that she would get up and dance, wild-eyed, creating quite a ruckus. After several months, she stopped coming to the cafe and shortly thereafter, I stopped playing there. It is with her in mind that I composed the Tango Caffé Carciofo. [Carciofo is Italian for artichoke]..

mark.jpg (6157 bytes)Mark Delpriora has performed throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Uruguay. He has been the recipient of grants and awards including the first Andrés Segovia Award from the Manhattan School of Music, the Beards Fund Award, a Cooper Institute of the Arts and Humanities Grant, The Artists International Distinguished Artist Award, a Meet the Composer Grant, and a United Nations Travel Grant. He was twice chosen to perform in the New York Masterclasses given by Andrés Segovia in 1982 and 1987.
Mr. Delpriora has recorded for Koch International Classics, Soundspells, Philips, and CRI. As a composer, his “Sonata Nº 3” (Gilardino) is published by Edizioni Musicali Bèrben and his “Four Images” are published by Guitar Arts Publishing. His work appears in anthologies by Mel Bay (the Contemporary Guitar, ed. Stanley Yates) and Dover (American Folk Songs, ed. David Nadal). Mark Delpriora is currently on the guitar faculty of the Manhattan School of Music. 

Cover art is by Ivana Barazi, Brno, Czech Republic. Used by permission.

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