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494-02153 (PWYS-25)


Matteo Carcassi, 25 melodious Studies, Op. 60 Edited, fingered and explained by Rey de la Torre. A new edition of this famous pedagogical work by Rey de la Torre (1917-1994) in which he proposes a novel way of using this work for a deeper understanding of the role of technique in the service of music. An indispensable text for every teacher and student of the guitar. 56 pp. Click here to view cover. $19.95
494-02106 (PWYS-20)


József Eötvös, Willow Variations On the Polish Folk Song Wierzba. (In memoriam Edmund Jurkowski.) Hungarian guitarist and composer Jószef Eötvös was a prize winner in many important guitar competitions in Eastern Europe. He studied at the Budapest Conservatory with Éva Morvay and at the Hochschule für Musik in Weimar with Roland Zimmer. 6 pp. Press Reviews. $7.95
494-02107 (PWYS-15)


François de Fossa (1775-1849), Selected Works for solo guitar Contains: First Fantaisie Op. 5 in B flat Major, Variations on “La Tyrolienne” Op. 1, 4 Divertimenti Op. 13 selected from the Works of J. Haydn, 5th Fantaisie on “Les Folies d’Espagne” Op. 12, Overture to the opera “Le Calife de Bagdad" by Boieldieu. (WoO-9) Includes a biographical study of the composer by Matanya Ophee (English-French text). 48 pp. Press Reviews. Click here to view cover. $19.95
494-02109 (PWYS-33)


Jan Freidlin (b. 1944) Strophes Of Sappho 5 postludes for guitar Each Postlude is preceded by a short verse from the poetry of Sappho, intended to be read aloud prior to the performance. though a performance without the poetry reading is equally valid. The Russian and English texts are based versions published in “Poetarum Lesbiorum Fragmenta”, (Oxford, 1955). 11 pp. Press Reviews. $8.95
494-02110 (PWYS-41)


Jan Freidlin Letters from Arles for guitar (After Van Gogh). Second prize winner in the 1995 GFA “Set Piece” Competition. 6 pp. Press Reviews. Click here to view cover. $9.95
494-02111 (PWYS-11)


Natalio Galán, Sonata Breve Edited and fingered by Elias Barreiro. Natalio Galán was born in Camaguey, Cuba, in 1917. He began his piano studies there with Luis Aguirre. Studied harmony and counterpoint with José Ardévol and Virginia Fleites at the Conservatorio Municipal. In 1953 he took a course in orchestration with Henry Cowell with whom he became closely associated. Entered Juilliard where he studied with Henry Brant. 9 pp. Press Reviews. $9.95
494-02151 (LUTE-3c)


The Lute Works of John Johnson, Volume III Transcribed and edited by John M. Ward. One of Elizabeth I’s musitians for the three lutes, John Johnson was the earliest of the lutenist-composers of the Golden Age of English lute music. His widely disseminated works, some of which require considerable virtuosity, were admired and emulated by his most distinguished successor John Dowland, as well as Byrd, Morley, Farnaby and others. After Dowland, he was the English composer best known abroad. First complete edition of his works. 23 pavans, galliards and miscellanous works for solo lute, and 17 duets. Guitar transcription by John M. Ward and Matanya Ophee. Press Reviews. $40.00
494-02112 (PWYS-22)


Edmund Jurkowski Esztergomia Tremolo Study for solo guitar. Edmund Jurkowski was the founder of the Silesian Autumn Guitar Festival in Tychy, Poland. The present tremolo study was written in honor of the famous guitar festival in Esztergom, Hungary, and its founder, the late László Szendrey-Karper. 12 pp. $9.95
494-02113 (PWYS-21)


Edmund Jurkowski Sonata Akademicka The title key word, “academic” should not suggest conventionality or academicism in the negative sense. On the contrary, in many respects it is marked by highly innovative use of almost all known guitar techniques. 16 pp. Press Reviews. $12.95
494-02114 (PWYS-6)


Douglas M. Hein (b. 1950) Fantasia Douglas Hein received his Bachelor of Music degree in guitar from the University of Southern California. He has studied guitar with Pepe Romero, James Smith, Jonathan Marcus, David Grimes and Vincezo Macaluso. The Fantasia is a dramatic work in a non-tonal style. The author states that it should be played energetically and with a dark intensity. 11 pp. Press Reviews. $6.95
494-02115 (PWYS-10)


Wolfgand Lendle Variations Capricieuses d’aprčs Paganini. The work is based on Paganini’s personality. Particular attention was paid to the “dramatic” denouement with its highs and lows, and to phases of tension and relaxation. 12 pp. Press Reviews. $7.95
494-02116 (PWYS-1)


Eli Magen (b.1935) Theme and Variations. Eli Magen was born in Paris. His mother was Ariadna Alexandrovna Skriabina, daughter of the famous composer Alexander Skriabin. It is hard to tell if Eli Magen’s work has any connection to his famous grandfather. But whether it does or does not, the work stands on its own merit, and so does the composer. Press Reviews. $5.95
494-02248 (PWYS-45)

Cover of Troika Variations by Sergei Orekhov.


Sergei Orekhov (b. 1935) Troika Variations Arranged for six-string guitar by Matanya Ophee. The song known as Troika, evokes the old Russian three-horse carriage and the symbolism inherent in images of the vast distances of the Russian landscape, far away and unrequited love, the romantic melancholy of autumn. The Troika Variations are characteristic of Orekhov’s improvisatory style, so closely influenced by Russian gypsy music. The arrangement, in another form, first made by Boris Khlopovsky, has been circulating among Russian guitarists for many years, and it was the one played by Alexei Zimakov in the 1992 GFA competition, a performance which won him the first prize. 6 pp. Press here to view first page in .GIF format. Click here to download a MIDI sampler of the first page. $7.95
491-00444 (DTMO-2)


Richard Pick 12 Christmas Carols. For solo guitar. See Guitar & Voice section for details. $9.95
494-02249 (PWYS-28)

Cover of Interludes by Richard Pick.


Richard Pick Interludes for Guitar. The purpose of these Interludes, drawn from The Richard Pick School of Guitar, is to illustrate certain applications of harmonic, melodic, or technical nature in a recreational format. Teachers may find them useful as supplementary studies for their various students during their own course of study. In effect, they may be considered complete in themselves, if viewed as an essence or moment in time. 20 pp. $12.95
494-02117 (PWYS-40)


Domingo Prat, Tangos de la Guardia Vieja First edition. With an Introduction by Argentinian tango scholar Silvia Glocer. Edited by Matanya Ophee. The 11 tangos included in this anthology belong to a period in the history of tango, 1866 to 1920, known as La Guardia Vieja, The Old Guard. The anthology includes: De Pura Cepa, Argańaraz, El Compinche, Noche de Farra, Una Noche de Garufa, La Payanca, El Irresistible, Mi Noche Triste, Joaquina, Entre Dos Fuegos, Re-Fa-Si; 24 pp. Press Reviews. $12.95
494-02326 (PWYS-46)

Cover of Pavane pour une infante défunte. Solo guitar version by Roland Dyens.


Maurice Ravel Pavane pour une infante défunte. Version for guitar solo by Roland Dyens. 8 pp. Press Reviews. $7.95
494-02119 (PWYS-17cr)


Giulio Regondi Ten Etudes for guitar. A Critical Edition by Matanya Ophee. Based on the Klinger manuscript. The present edition was prepared by a careful attention to every visible element in the manuscript, and by a detailed comparison with other sources. Every single change, addition and emendation made to the music, as well as all discrepancies between the sources, are catalogued in a critical apparatus. Also contains a new introduction which describes the history of our search for these Ten Etudes, and the process of identifying Ivan Andreevich Klinger (?-1897) as the scribe who created the manuscript from which they are taken. The cover design of the new edition is based on full color facsimiles of two samples pages from the manuscript, allowing the user a better understanding of the editorial process used. 44 pp. Press Reviews. $19.95
494-02120 (PWYS-12)


Enrique Santos Suite Alcazarina for Guitar Edited by Miguel Alcázar. Enrique Santos studied composition with R. Halffter. His overture “Simón Bolivar” was chosen for the 1984 International Music Festival in Moscow (USSR). In the same year, his first guitar concerto was premiered in Pittsburgh (USA) by Miguel Alcázar and the Pittsburgh Wind Symphony Orchestra. He became interested in writing for the guitar through his friendship with the guitarist and composer Miguel Alcázar, a friendship which produced, so far, three suites and two concerti for the instrument. 10 pp. $9.95
494-02154 (PWYS-27)


Anatoly Shevchenko Touchings ("Rozamientos, Tocamientos," "Prikosnoveniia") Anatoly Shevchenko's (b. 1938) early interest was in the plastic arts. He graduated in 1961 from the Art Vocational School in Rostov-na-Don. He later took an interest in music and continued his studies in the Musical Vocational School in Simferopol’ and in the Odessa Conservatory. His output as a composer includes several sonatas, sonatinas, a concerto for voice, guitar and orchestra based on poetry by Lorca and several others. His work for solo guitar Rozamientos, a collection of studies for beginners based on the principles of Bela Bártok, was a prize winner in the 1987 Esztergom competition. Rozamientos, which constitutes Book I of the present cycle, was later augmented with Book II, referred to as Tocamientos.

The didactic character of the guitar cycle "Touchings" ("Rozamientos, Tocamientos," "Prikosnoveniia") is directed at the technical aspect of mastering the instrument, and at same time, also at the introduction of the student to the general process of transformation in the European development of music. The cycle contains several quasi-quotational passages which allude to the music of the Spanish vihuelists, J.S. Bach, M. Musorgsky, B. Bártok, P. Hindemith, and so on. This aspect would enable the student to be prepared for the perception and performance of the work of composers of different epochs, styles, schools, and musical systems and may eventually be used as an introduction to the wide world of music. 32 pp. Click here to view cover.

494-02121 (PWYS-29)


Roberto Sierra (b. 1953) Toccata y Lamento Dedicated to Ben Verdery. Toccata y Lamento was written as a tribute for one of Latin America’s greatest composers: Heitor Villa-Lobos. The work starts with a D pedal note on the lower string and gradually evolves into highly chromatic and syncopated figures. This pedal tone gives a sense of quasi tonal harmonic center and serves as resonance pole against which dissonant and pungent chords are played. The middle section is a Lamento in which the interval of a descending minor second prevails. The last section goes back to the toccata-like character of the first section. The work was recorded by Benjamin Verdery on Ride The Wind Horse, Newport Classic Records, NPD-85509. Press Reviews. $7.95
494-02122 (PWYS-26)

Michael White A Sephardic Life Traditional Sephardic songs set for guitar solo. Edited by Peter Segal. Includes: Marching Game (For children’s games); Lullaby: Durme, durme; Una matica de ruda (A Sprig of Rue); Yo M’enamori... (I Fell in Love. . .); Noches, noches (Beautiful nights); Wedding Dance: El novio no quere dinero (The bridegroom wants no money); Lament (for a lost love) Los Bilbilicos (The Nightingales.) Press Reviews.  $9.95
494-02123 (PWYS-2)


Marilyn Ziffrin Rhapsody for Guitar. Composed in 1957, this neo-classical work was first performed in 1979, by the American guitarist David Leisner. Ms. Ziffrin, whose works are frequently performed and recorded in the USA and Europe, was winner of the 1972 Delius competition. 6 pp. Press Reviews. $5.95





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