Ordering Information 

Editions Orphée Inc., is represented in North America exclusively by the Theodore Presser Company. They may be reached at presser@presser.com or by mail:  588 North Gulph Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406-2800. Phone 610-592-1222, Fax 610-592-1229.

TOLL-FREE ORDER TEL (800) 854-6764 ext 230
TOLL-FREE ORDER FAX (888) 525-3636

You may order our publications from any good music shop or mail-order house world-wide. A partial list of dealers who carry our editions is available here. Several have on line ordering capability.

In case of difficulty, domestic or foreign individual customers  may order directly from us. We now have a new secure shopping cart installed.

Please be careful and order only those items you really want.
We do not accept returns.

And before you continue, please be aware that we cannot be responsible for losses that occur en route. Once we put your shipment into the Postal Service or UPS systems, it is no longer in our hands and there is no way we can control what happens to it. For domestic customers, the UPS system seems to be a safer bet, since every package is automatically traceable. Foreign customers who order shipments by surface mail, must consider that the estimate we give on delivery within 8-12 weeks, is a best case scenario. Sometimes, shipments get stuck in the surface pipeline for much longer periods, and sometimes they get lost altogether. We will be happy to quote you on insurance rates for your package.




We accept , , and using AUTHORIZE.net which uses SSL encryption (100% secure!). The new system allows you to select the shipping option which best suits you needs. Shipping is now based on the weight of the item and you will be charged for actual shipping costs, plus an additional charge for packaging and handling as follows:

United States Postal Service: $5.- over and above actual postage for the option you selected.

United Parcel Service: $7.- over and above actual postage for the option you selected.

Federal Express: $10.- over and above actual postage for the option you selected.

You may still order from us by e-mail, if you feel comfortable about it, or by filling the Order Form (Requires ADOBE Acrobat reader), printing it locally, and mailing or faxing it to us  together with your payment. We can accept payment for non-web orders also by personal checks and money orders and MoneyGrams. If paying by personal check, your order will be shipped only after your check has been processed by the bank. Once you printed the Order Form, you can go to our Catalogue and make your selections. Notice: if you are paying by credit card for an order submitted on the Order Form, we will still be processing the transaction through the same on-line AUTHORIZE.net, that you will be using if you ordered directly on line.

I am sorry, but we cannot process COD orders.

 When ordering by using the Order Form, please calculate Postage and Handling charges using the following table:

Up to Domestic Media Mail, US addresses ONLY! UPS Ground

(Must have Street Address). US addresses ONLY!

Foreign Surface

(8-12 weeks)

Foreign Air Mail

(Canadian orders will be shipped by Air using the Foreign Surface rates).

$35.00 $5.65 $8.50 $8.25 $16.50
$45.00 $6.55 $10.25 $9.00 $18.00
$60.00 $7.50 $11.25 $10.50 $21.00
$80.00 $8.50 $12.75 $11.50 $22.50
$100.00 $9.50 $14.00 $12.00 $24.00
$125.00 $12.50 $18.75 $13.50 $27.00
$150.00 $15.00 $20.00 $18.00 $30.00
over $150.00 $20.00 $25.00 $25.00 $45.00
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