Fernando Sor: Motéte al S. S. Sacramento 
(O Salutaris Hostia)

for chorus (S.A.T.B.) and orchestra

Edited by Roger Quin

Vocal score with piano reduction by Mikhail Popov.

20 pp. $2.95. Presser Order number 392-01073 (RONA-1)

malaga.jpgThe manuscript of the motet is held in the archive of Málaga Cathedral and is in Sor’s own hand writing. The work is scored for choir with 2 clarinets, 2 French horns and strings. On the cello/double bass part we have the following inscription. 

Motéte al S. S. Sacramen.to / para quatro voces con acomp.to a toda orquesta / Compuesto por el aficionado D. Fernando Sor. / De la Capp.a de Musica de la S.ta Ygyl.a de Malaga / Desde la Octaba de Corpus de este año de 1809 / se estrenó en la Catedral y despues lo regalo su Autor. 

The text informs us that the work was first performed in the Málaga Cathedral on the eighth day of Corpus Christi in 1809 falling on the 8th of June, and afterwards presented to the Cathedral by the composer. The text of the motet, O Salutaris Hostia is the penultimate verse of the hymn, Verbum supernum prodiens, written by St. Thomas Aquinas for the Hour of Lauds in the Office of the Feast of Corpus Christi. That Sor should choose to set this hymn whilst engaged as a serving soldier in the struggle against the invading French is entirely appropriate when we consider the appeal for divine aid that the words contain. 

Full score and orchestral parts are available for rental through the Theodore Presser Co., Rental Department.

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