Jan Freidlin: Sonata of the Wanderings

for Violoncello and Guitar.

Score and parts. 22+16+12 pp. $29.95, Presser Order number 494-02433 (EICM-32)

wanderin.jpgThe initial six movements of the Sonata of the Wanderings for guitar and violoncello, are all inbued with the idea of reflecting on different feelings, impressions and sensations of the same person. The several dramatic collisions in these movements employ divergent styles and trends, such as the Bossa-Nova improvisation in movement V. The dramatic center of the work is in movement VI, reaching there a culmination of tension which resolves in the catharsis of the last movement, an open finale of the Sonata. The cover drawing by Vasilii Iuriev is meant to illustrate the mood of this work .

freidlin.jpgJan Freidlin was born in southern Siberia in 1944 and studied in Odessa where he later taught as Head of the Music Theory department at the famous Stolyarsky Special Music College. He currently teaches at the Levinsky Teachers College in Tel Aviv. Jan Freidlin received the Grand Prix of Varna International Cinema Festival (1978), the AKUM Prize (Israel) for “Miscenscens”—Sonata for Violin & Cello (1993), 2nd Prize for “Letters from Arles” for Guitar at the 1995 Guitar Foundation of America Competition, the Liberson Prize for Piano Trio Nº 2 (Israel, 1995). His works were performed in the former USSR, Germany, France ,UK, Italy, Australia, Brasil, USA. His “Sonata in Three Visions” for Solo Harp was chosen by the International Harp Contest in Israel for the 1998 Contest as the required Israeli work.

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