Stephen Dodgson: Sonata for Three
for Flute, Viola and Guitar.

Guitar score, and parts for Flute and Viola. 16+6+6., $24.95,
Presser Order number 494-02728 (EICM-8)

dodgsoncov.jpgStephen Dodgson born (1924) and resident in London, England, is a well known British composer, author of works in many genres (vocal, chamber, keyboard, symphonic), but it is his now numerous works involving guitar which have brought him particular recognition round the world. His first attempt at guitar composition was in 1952 at the invitation of Julian Bream. Later, he received much stimulus from John Williams, responding to his requests for recital music, song with guitar, chamber works and the 2nd of his two concertos. Subsequently he has composed solo works for two other players: Philip Thorne in Scotland and Gabriel Estarellas in Spain. More recently he has also been drawn into the possibilities of larger guitar ensemble, prompted by commissions from festivals at Esztergom, Hungary and Toronto, Canada. Attendance at these festivals brought him many new contacts, and led directly to the composition of SONATA for THREE in the summer of 1982. Matanya Ophee is not only Editor of the printed score, but also prime mover in the trio having been written at all.

The first performance in the composer's own city took place on 12th June 1984, at the Royal Academy of Music, where the performers were: Jennifer Stinton (Fl), Jane Pogson (Va) & Richard Hand (Gtr). Although Stephen Dodgson is not himself a guitarist, he has for 20 years been the composing half of a partnership with Hector Quine in a series of studies.

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