Andrei Petrov: Two Old Melodies
for flute and guitar.

Edited by Matanya Ophee.

Also for Oboe, Violin, Viola, Clarinet in B-flat, English Horn, Bassoon, Violoncello.

Score and parts. 4+2+2+2+2+2+2+2 pp. $14.95, 
Presser Order number 494-02512 (EICM-39)

Andrei Petrov has been a leading figure in Leningrad musical scene since his graduation in 1954 from the Leningrad Conservatory, where he had studied composition under Orest Evlakhov. He was still a young composer when he was elected First Secretary of the Leningrad Chapter of the Soviet Composers Union in 1964. In 1992 he became the president of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society. Following early success as a song writer, he has explored jazz, ballet, opera, and film scores as well as symphonic and instrumental music. 
One of the most popular composers of his generation, Petrov�s reputation rests largely on his songs and such film scores as Bluebird, the Soviet-American film starring Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Fonda. He is also well known for his opera, Peter The Great, and his ballet, The Creation of the World, both of which have achieved the status of standards in the repertories of opera and ballet houses in the Soviet Union. His other works include the opera The Tale of Truth, and three other ballets: The Magic Apple Tree, the Pushkin-inspired Postmaster, and The Shore of Hope. Petrov has also written two operettas, two violin concertos, incidental music for the theatre, for wind band, and several works for orchestra, among which the fantasy Master and Margarita is best-known. In more recent times, Andrei Petrov was commissioned by the Educational Bridge Project at Boston University to write a string quartet which was premiered on May 29, 2002. A musical by him based on Alexander Pushkin�s The Captain�s Daughter was staged at the Boston Conservatory on October 24, 2002.

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