Aharon Pollack: Al Hasetumot Bamizmor,
Elucidations of Knotty points in the Psalms
Hebrew text and commentary in Hebrew

  אהרון פולאק:  על הסתומות במזמור

584 pp. Hard Cover with dust jacket. $84.95, ISBN 965-222-230-5, Nezer-230-5

Published in 1991 by Nezer Publishing, Jerusalem.

Pollack.jpg - 58254 BytesPollack’s commentary targets individual words and phrases which have troubled commentators for generations. His insights and interpretations are a valuable contribution to scholarship and are useful tools in studying or teaching the Psalms. Many of Pollack’s insights are derived from his having lived with Bedouins. He finds that many a difficult passage can be explained by referring to Arabic cognates and Bedouin customs. Thus e.g. he interprets the term “Selah” from the Arabic meaning “completely.”

Pollack also displays extensive knowledge of the ancient Bible translations such as the Septuagint, Vulgate & various Targumim, as well as a thorough knowledge of modern scholarship. Professor Haim Gevaryahu, chairman of the World Jewish Bible Society, just prior to his death, managed to write the introduction to this posthumously published volume. Pollack’s previously published works on Biblical themes have earned praises from Israeli scholars such as Professors B. Mazar, B.Z. Netanyahu, among others. This volume of Pollack, edited by O. Nizri with the assistance of Professor M. Weinfeld, has also been acclaimed by the Dept. of Education & Culture in Israel. From the editor’s preface:


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Aharon Pollack: Born 1892 Ukraine.
Died 1960, Zephath, Israel.



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