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497-00318 (RTFT-6)


Jacques Chaîné The Orphée Database of Guitar Records. This discography was designed to help those concerned with the guitar to have a source of information about what has been recorded. Its potential uses are many. Students who wish to examine the recorded repertoire may find here detailed information on who recorded what Those who plan their own records can easily determine what portion of any given composer’ output has not been recorded and which pieces have been over-recorded. This book contains listings for more than 5,100 composers; 6,500 artists, 1,400 liner note authors, and well in exces of 6,500 records (LP-CD-MC), which make up more than 50,000 entries. 456 pp. Folio. Cloth. $44.95
497-00319 (RTFT-6a)


Idem. Paper. $24.95
497-00320 (RTFT-6-91)


Idem. 1991 Supplement. $9.95
497-00321 (RTFT-0)


Matanya Ophee (b. 1932)Luigi Boccherini’s Guitar Quintets—New Evidence—To which is added, for the first time, a reliable biography of François de Fossa, his portrait and a check list of his known compositions. Index, several documents in facsimile, color portrait of de Fossa and a reproduction of the only known autograph letter by Dionisio Aguado. 88 pages. Paper. Press Reviews. $15.95
497-00312 (RTFT-2)


Emilio Pujol Guitar School—Book III Translated and Edited by Peter Segal. Paper. 144 pp. Press Reviews. $24.95
497-00314 (RTFT-5)


Larsson/Danner Catalogue of the Rischel and Birket-Smith Collection of Guitar Music in the Royal Library of Copenhagen. Compiled by Jytte Torpp Larsson and edited by Peter Danner. A major reference work which will offer the serious guitarist the means to access one of the largest collections of guitar music in Europe. A history of the Collection by Mrs. Torpp-Larsson and an Introduction by Dr. Peter Danner are provided. 272 pp. Cloth $44.95
497-00315 (RTFT-5a)


Idem. Paper. $24.95
497-00316 (RTFT-9)


Miguel Alcázar (Ed.) The Segovia-Ponce Letters. Translated by Peter Segal. 129 letters written by Andrés Segovia to Manuel M. Ponce, beginning with their acquaintance in 1923 and terminating with Ponce’s death in 1948. A bi-lingual, Spanish-English edition. This is an unabridged edition, including the full text of all the letters available today. A historical document of major importance, for the study of the life and personality both Segovia and Ponce. An essential source material for a Segovia biography, written by the Maestro himself. Includes a General Index. Octavo, 304 pp. Paper. Press Reviews. $34.95
497-00362 (RTFT-11p)


Thomas F. Heck Mauro Giuliani: Virtuoso Guitarist and Composer. The recognition and renown that the name Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829) has enjoyed in the latter twentieth century, thanks largely to the live and recorded performances of his music, is certainly very gratifying to those who have worked to facilitate the rediscovery of this pivotal guitarist/composer. Clearly it is now time to revisit the life and works of Giuliani in the hope of reviewing and acknowledging in one convenient and well-indexed book the old and the new, the false and the true. Readers familiar with the author’s quarter-century-old dissertation will, on reading the present text, readily appreciate the manifold ways in which the wait was worth it. Contains many illustrations, photographs, musical examples, bibliography, a full Appendix of foreign language quotations, subject and name indexes and more. Paper back. 304 pp. Press Reviews. $44.95



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