Italian Songs with Guitar from the Age of Napoleon

Edited by John McCormick

Vol. II

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italian-2.jpgWith the beginnings of European democratization following the French Revolution, “The Age of Napoleon” witnessed an explosion of popular interest in the guitar. Coincidentally, this was also the age of bel canto and the dawn of romanticism. The well-developed singing voice was held in high esteem. It was only natural that the era produced a wealth of guitar-accompanied song. Although much of the solo guitar music from this era is now familiar, and most trained classical singers are at one time or another are exposed to other song and operatic literature from this time, very few of these songs with guitar are known today. Their composers, often famous and successful in their own time, are mostly forgotten, their names and music relegated to the archives of libraries around the world.

All of the songs collection of Italian songs from the late eighteenth century were originally written with guitar accompaniment. This anthology is specifically designed as a performing edition. The composers included come from a variety of disciplines. Though some were primarily guitarists, others were opera composers and writers of liturgical music. One was a famous opera singer of the time. It should also be noted that most of the guitar accompaniments are not especially difficult to play, one indication of the wide-spread popularity of the guitar before the piano took over as the preferred vehicle for vocal accompaniment.


Domenico Cimarosa, 6 Canti: I – Lievi aurette che ascolte, II – Si dice dalla gente, III – Or’ che la notte ombrosa, IV – Ascolta, inWda, un segno, V – Ecco il bel mese odori, VI – Se la pena ch’io provo nel seno. Daniel Dottori, 8 Ariette: I – Mi giuro che m’ami, II – Senza l’amabile, III – Te lo giuro, o mio tesoro, IV – Nice bella, Nice ingrata, V – Se lontan ben mio tu sei, VI – Non le cercate intorno, VII – Se io t’amo, VIII – Cara Nice, ingrata sei. Gaudiano, 4 Ariette Italiane: I – Nice dorme, II – Una legge più crudele, III – Pastorelli fortunati, IV - Ti lascierò, mia vita. Federico Moretti, 12 Canciones: I - La irresolucion, II - La reflexion, III - La insinuacion, IV - La explicacion, V - La curiosidad, VI - La posesion, VII - El descuido, VIII - La ausensia, IX - El desengaño, X - Consejo al bello sexô, XI - El consejo, XII - La libertad. Nicola Signorile, 3 Canzonette: I – Deh, spiegati sincera, II – Lagrime lusinghiere, III – Fra le querele e il pianto. Fernando Sor, Lagrime mie d’aVanno (Arietta).

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