The Orphée Errata List

We try. Believe me we do our best to make sure that our editions are free of mistakes. Not only we go through every page ourselves, comparing sources, checking and rechecking, we also ask friends and colleagues to assist us, we organize performances of scores to be published, and then go and proof read-once again. But, as the old adage goes, an edition without any misprints is an accident. Those damn gremlins are busy at work and no matter how hard we try, some mistakes remain and get printed. It is embarrassing of course. But more embarrassing is that we only find out about such errors when our customers tell us about them. Often many years after the edition had been on the market, and sometimes only when it went out of print. The reason we rarely hear from customers about errors, is that the mistake is usually self evident and it is much easier for the customer to correct it with a pencil, than to fret about it and bother the publishers.

This page will provide details on misprints we know about in our existing editions. Customers are encouraged herewith to communicate with us, as soon as they detect anything that appears to them to be a misprint. Sometimes, what appears to be an error, isn't one at all, and we shall try to explain the apparent discrepancy the best we can. But bona fide errors, will be noted in this page as they come in.


Guitar Solos

Guitar Duos

Guitar Trios and Quartets

Chamber music

Books and methods


Guitar Solos

Alexandre Eisenberg, Prelude Choral & Fugue.

Fugue, m. 407. (Small PDF file. Print out and paste over.

Guitar Solos

Guitar Duos

Chamber Music

Claude Debussy, Sonate for Flute, Viola and Guitar. Arranged from the Flute, Viola and Harp Sonate by Andrea Förderreuther.

Guitar part, Pastorale.

m. 76, delete spurious bar line.

m. 78, second half of measure is missing. Please copy from the full score.

 Lute books

Antoine de Lhoyer, Concerto Op. 16

Guitar part (also in the score):

Allegro Moderato.

M. 106 should be the same as m. 121.

No. 304; first note is a C#.

(We thank Mr. Gerald Smrzek for pointing this out.)


Methods and Books

Emilio Pujol School of Guitar —II. One page missing from the Table of Contents. A PDF of the page is provided.
Thomas F. Heck
Mauro Giuliani: Virtuoso Guitarist and Composer




Fernando Sor
Motete al S.S. Sacramento (O Salutaris Hostia).




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