The Russian Collection Vol. IX,
19th Century Etudes
for the Russian seven-string guitar.

Compiled and edited by Matanya Ophee.

32 pp., $17.95, Presser Order number 494-02823 (PWYS-72)

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This volume of the Russian Collection is intended to serve as a general introduction, a sampler if you will, to Russian seven-string guitar music, including Etudes, Caprices and other didactic material. One does not need to abandon the standard guitar when embarking on getting acquainted with the rich repertoire of classical Russian guitar music. This volume includes the original 7-string version of some of the same pieces included in previous volumes of the Russian Collection, as well as a few works printed here for the first time in the West. The six-string guitar is tuned in fourths, while the Russian seven-string guitar is tuned in thirds as follows:

The technique of playing both variants is practically the same but the aural palette produced by a different array of overtones is unique to each of them. It usually does not take long to get used to playing in this tuning and to read the music without the aid of tablature. However, to facilitate reading of this music by newcomers into the field, this edition is equipped with a generous layer of fingering.

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