Matanya Ophee passed away on November 6, 2017, after a five-month long battle for his life.

This website will remain online, and the catalog will continue to be available from The Theodore Presser Company, distributor for Editions Orphée.





  • Ordering Information for individual buyers.
  • Ordering Information for dealers and shops.
  • A New Special Sale: Francesco da Milano: Opere per liuto dal manoscritto di Castelfranco Veneto.
  • Special Catalog of the original Forster publications of works by Richard Pick.
  • Special Sale: Aharon Pollack, Al Hasetumot Bamizmor, אהרון פולאק:  על הסתומות במזמור
  • Special Sale: Tableaux d'Une Exposition, guitar music by Piotr Panin.
  • Special strings for the Russian seven-string guitar.
  • Special Sale: Sound Recordings, LPS, CDs and cassettes.
  • Special Sale: Detailed construction plans for the 1861 10-string guitar by Scherzer.
  • Submission Guide Lines.
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